EMA+ - Enfamama A+

Enfamama A+ Club Exclusive Benefit

  1. The e-voucher is only applicable to purchase SKUs listed here.
  2. The e-voucher can only be used once per member only.
  3. Strictly for online purchase @ MJN Flagship Store only.
  4. This e-voucher is not exchangeable for cash.
  5. For Club members who are new to Mead Johnson Flagship Store, input this code during checkout to enjoy 20% discount “MYMJNWEZQUDGL89JAN2020”
  6. Voucher for use exclusively on Mead Johnson Nutrition Flagship Store, applicable for Enfagrow A+ Step 3, 4, 5, Enfamama, and Sustagen products. Not applicable to all Enfalac Step 1 and 2.
  7. Only 1 voucher can be applied to each transaction; multiple vouchers cannot be stacked in one transaction.
Enfamama A+ Vanilla 90g Sale−4%
Enfamama A+ Vanilla - 900g
Enfamama A+ Chocolate 900g Sale−4%